• He/Him

  • I like art and learning dances, mostly vocaloid dances, and most of my art is fanart but I like it like that

  • My interests currently include:

  • - Genshin Impact

  • - Danganronpa

  • - JJBA

  • - Vocaloid/Utaloid

  • - Friday Night Funkin'

  • - DSMP (Mostly TommyInnit)

  • My largest interest is Kasane Teto, I love her so much, she's so cute and it fills me with happiness when I listen to all her songs :)

All My Socials

Discord: DeathNugget#0281

I'm not going to write anything silly like "homophobes/transphobes/biggots" dni on here because frankly I don't think there are any reading this also I highly doubt my dni list will deter them

Genshin DNI

  • Kaeluc Shippers

  • People who call any of the child characters "Lolis"

  • (/j list ahead)

  • Noelle Dislikers

  • Childe Enjoyers

Danganronpa DNI

  • Junko Kinnies (no I did not used to kin her totally not, anyone who has any recollection of that pls forget immediately)

  • Kin Gatekeepers


  • Pico x BF shippers (only if your account is pico x bf centric, I just don't really like the ship but if you only post abt occasionally that's fine)